Business Advisory and Execution Services

We provide a range of consulting services aimed at helping participants in the Capital Markets Ecosystem meet their growth, scale, innovation and optimization needs.  Unlike traditional consulting firms, we assist our clients with implementing their needs.


Growth Strategy Planning and Execution

Organic Growth

  • Growth strategy development
  • Growth options evaluation and market opportunity assessment
  • GTM strategy development and roll-out

Inorganic Growth

Strategic collaboration and Industry consortiums:
  • De Novo consortium design, development and launch
  • Project/program management and operationalization support for existing consortiums
  • GTM strategy development and roll-out
Corporate development initiatives:
  • Organic/inorganic growth opportunity assessment
  • Target identification and evaluation
  • Fintech alliances and partnerships
  • Spin-outs, consolidation and strategic transactions guidance and support

Product and Technology Transformation*

  • New product launch strategy, design and execution
  • Technology stack evaluation, redesign, upgrade or optimization
  • Process/workflow automation by leveraging emerging financial technologies
  • Fintech vendor assessment and strategic partnerships

* Our product and technology transformation services to the institutional investment managers are provided through our affiliate, OPCO.AI

Capital Markets Ecosystem

We provide our services as required to various participants in the Capital Markets Ecosystem.

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