Transformation Services

Navigating the operational landscape in Capital Markets has always been complex - with entrenched players, regulatory hurdles & scaling challenges. Many incumbents are hesitant to change and face significant structural challenges.  OPCO identifies and creates proprietary ideas and then develops a detailed execution plan to transform and revitalize traditional enterprises while providing support and guidance throughout

Conceive & Drive Transformations

OPCO leverages our industry expertise, network, knowledge of emerging tech and execution experience to work with management to design and drive transformations

The Opportunity Set

The Capital Markets ecosystem is flush with untapped potential.

  • Monetizable data leading to new revenue streams
  • Footprint/connectivity that can be greatly expanded
  • Legacy technology that can be modernized
  • Under-utilized distribution/reach
  • Niche offerings that can be scaled through consolidation
OPCO's Value

OPCO’s value proposition includes:

  • Modernizing technology stack & tapping new revenue streams through digital
  • Leadership/management change to drive execution
  • Repositioning an offering into an industry utility to maximize uptake
  • Reinventing the commercial/business model and altering Go To Market strategy
  • New product launches and asset monetization through spin-offs

Transformations Driven by OPCO

Converting a single dimensional sell-side consortium ATS into a multi-faceted liquidity venue through consolidation

Revitalizing a tech enabled agency broker/tech platform through a carve-out from a larger parent to unlock value

Transforming an existing service provider into a SaaS provider through a product/tech upgrade/acquisition

Repositioning a trade analytics solutions provider into a utility-like play between buy & sell side

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