What we do

Consortium Formation Services

Industry problems require industry solutions. Banks and existing financial services firms are best equipped to meet the emergent fintech threat, conversely by working together. However, the current Consortium formation and development process remains inefficient, often consuming significant executive time and resources. Meanwhile, Banks are not well equipped to manage projects requiring coordination across multiple stake-holders and entities. OPCO partners with banks to help develop and launch Consortium startup companies saving both time and money.

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Advisory Services & Augmented Executive (CXO) Support

Capital markets is in our DNA. OPCO's core work involves growing, scaling and transforming companies and assets across the capital markets technology and infrastructure ecosystem. When coupled with our combined knowledge and expansive networks, OPCO is afforded a unique vantage point on both organic and inorganic opportunities alike, enabling us to provide clients with a differentiated perspective.


Strategy & Corporate Development

Search for revenue growth and scale amidst evolving customer preferences and emerging technologies is compelling capital markets participants to be more creative about organic and in-organic growth opportunities. OPCO leverages its network and industry know-how to help clients develop and capitalize on these opportunities as well as strategic partnerships.


Sales Strategy & Channel Development

Modern CRO’s are expected to drive efforts across the entire customer lifecycle, from prospecting and marketing to sales and customer success. This requires a holistic revenue strategy approach regardless of a company’s stage. With a focus on capital markets, OPCO can help solve your revenue equation with an emphasis on strategy and implementation.


Product Strategy and Implementation

Getting disparate and legacy solutions to work alongside, or in place of, newer more innovative technology is the core problem. OPCO is there to assist with all of your product challenges, from product strategy & best practices to product assessments, vendor selections and competitive landscape analysis.


Technology Design and Optimization

Both buy-side and sell-side firms continue to look for ways to incorporate new technologies to reengineer their processes, automate workflows, replace their legacy tech stack or launch new capabilities & offerings.  OPCO partners with its clients to help them achieve various outcomes through a suite of services.


Organizational Design and Human Capital Management Services

What’s more important than talent and organizational design? And given tight labor markets combined with the costs (both real and opportunity) of hiring and managing your team, firms need to get this right. Why would you rely on a resource that doesn’t have an expertise in capital markets?